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3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own A Jacuzzi

A Whirlpool or swim spa or jacuzzi as it i is often called. 

It's something many dreams about but often think they can't afford. 

It is owned by the other guys.The rich guys. But honestly speaking, it's very affordable.

The only thing that you really have to consider is whether you have space for it. Some people put it in their backyard or garden. Others make a spot for it when building the house. It's well planned.

A swim spa/jacuzzi has an amazing health and well-being effect: 

A swimming pool that is the same as countercurrent pool, has powerful countercurrent nozzles, which gives you the opportunity to have an effective workout at home in your own garden whenever you want, year round.

Adjust the power of the countercurrent nozzles in terms of skill and age in what can be your new outdoor swim spa. Our hot tub has double insulation and uses very little power compared to other types of hot tubs.

If you are considering a swimming pool, we are convinced that swim spa is what you should have - if you live in Norway. 

The Seasons

A swimming pool provides a very short season, but a swim spa gives you the opportunity to swim all year round. And what about ending the swim with a delicious hydromassage? 

iWhat else do you want and need ...

A countercurrent pool can also be used for:

  • Can be used for Swim practice
  • A Work out sessions
  • Rowing exercises
  • Simply Massage and well being...
  • Rehabilitation for the elderly
  • General training purposes
  • Motion Fitness

A jacuzzi OR a swim spa pool is also a great opportunity for people with disabilities and physical exercise for those who need this. It suits the whole family and is a good investment.

In addition to being perfect for general training or even for those who run competitive training.

In Norway they call this a motstrømsbasseng, and it essentially means a counter-current swim spa.